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children coping with divorce

Parenting Experts: How You Can Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

As part of our campaign “Helping Kids Cope with Divorce”, Cordell & Cordell interviewed three prominent parenting experts about their advice for divorcing parents. We asked: What is the best way to break the news to your children? What can you do to proactively reduce your kids’ worries about your separation How can you protect

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adult children of divorce

Adult Children of Divorce Give Insights to Divorcing Parents

If you and your partner are getting a divorce with kids under your care, you’ll want to make sure they come out at the other end as unscathed as possible. In order to understand the impact of divorce on children on an emotional and psychological level, Cordell & Cordell interviewed adult children of divorce about

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Divorce, Christmas and Children

Sadly, despite the jolly associations, Christmas is also the season of divorce and separation. Perhaps it is the enforced merriment or long days spent in the company of their nearest and dearest that makes people reassess fracturing relationships or decide that the proverbial straw has descended onto the camel’s back.

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The Education System: Support in Divorce

Divorce proceedings can be a traumatic and highly emotional experience for the two parties involved. When it comes to the entire cycle of divorce, the couple will have to consider many issues that affect them, but it is also a life-changing event that impacts significantly on their other family members, in particular, their children. With

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Father's Hand Holding Child's Hand

How To Establish Paternity Rights

If parents are not married, either at the beginning of the pregnancy or after the birth of their child, the father does not have the same legal rights and responsibilities that the mother automatically gains. When couples separate, many men are left without legal rights in relation to their children, making it difficult to maintain

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