Facts regarding fathers’ rights in the United Kingdom:

  • Mothers automatically have parental responsibility for the child from birth. Fathers must be married to the child’s mother, be listed on the birth certificate or sign a parental responsibility application form (which can only be completed with the mother’s consent) (UK).
  • Even if a father has parental responsibility, he is not necessarily granted the right to contact with the child. He is, however, responsible for maintenance payments (UK).
  • There are 2 million lone parents with dependent children. Women account for 91% of lone parents with dependent children (Office for National Statistics).
  • More than 80% of children of separated parents live exclusively or mainly with their mother (University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Social Work).
  • 6% of children live only with their mother while just 2.4% live only with their father (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development survey).
  • 20% to 30% of non-resident fathers have not seen their children in the last year. Another 20% to 40% see their children less than once per week (The Centre For Social Justice).
  • More than 1 million children have no contact with their father (The Centre For Social Justice).
  • Between 75% and 86% of all contact applications come from fathers (University of Oxford Department of Social Policy and Social Work).
  • Women are the party granted the divorce in 66% of cases (Office for National Statistics).

Representing Fathers’ Rights

Cordell & Cordell family lawyers specialise in representing fathers’ rights in marriage, childbirth and divorce. We strive towards an equal playing field which ensures the best possible outcomes for all members of the family.

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