Fathers Rights In The UK – The Facts

Facts regarding fathers’ rights in the United Kingdom:

  • Mothers automatically have parental responsibility for the child from birth. Fathers must either be married to the child’s mother, be listed on the birth certificate, or sign a parental responsibility application form (which can only be completed with the mother’s consent). (Gov.UK)
  • Even if a father has parental responsibility, he is not necessarily granted the right to contact with the child. He is, however, responsible for maintenance payments. (Gov.UK)
  • There are 2 million lone parents with dependent children. Women account for 91% of lone parents with dependent children. (Office for National Statistics)
  • 20% to 30% of non-resident fathers have not seen their children in the last year. Another 20% to 40% see their children less than once per week. (The Centre For Social Justice)