A Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce

In our latest all-encompassing guide, Cordell & Cordell explain the various stages of divorce in an accessible step-by-step format to support those looking to end their marriage.


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Step 1: Introduction

Making the decision to end a marriage isn’t easy. Find out more about divorce proceedings to assist in the decision-making process. Read More


Step 2: Divorce Terms: A Starting Point

As with any area of the law, divorce has its specific language and terminology. This chapter outlines a number of common divorce terms in a glossary format to explain vocabulary and legislation. Read More


Step 3: Preparing for a Divorce

Taking the decision to divorce is significant and life-changing. This chapter covers the many essentials that should be considered when preparing for a divorce, including telling your partner, seeking legal advice and funding. Read More


Step 4: The Divorce Process Explained

The divorce process can seem daunting and overwhelming. This chapter outlines the key divorce processes in England and Wales, including how to apply for a divorce, legislation and financial arrangements. Read More


Step 5: Divorce and Children

It is natural for a parent contemplating divorce proceedings to worry about the effect it will have on their children. This chapter explains counselling, parenting plans and mediation among other issues relating to family law, divorce and children. Read More


Step 6: Education

This chapter discusses the pivotal role of education and how schools and teachers work with children to support them through the divorce process. This chapter includes information about practical and emotional support for children in schools, school reports and contact arrangements. Read More


Step 7: Child Maintenance

Both parents have a legal responsibility for the financial maintenance of their child. This chapter discusses child maintenance—more commonly known as child support – and the use of a mediator, child maintenance service or court to reach financial agreements. More Info


Step 8: Housing

With regard to post-divorce housing, there are several factors to consider. This chapter explores property owned by both parties, a single party and the various renting options following a divorce. Read More


Step 9: Health and Well-Being

A divorce usually places considerable strain on an individual’s physical and mental health and well-being. This section outlines some conditions commonly associated with divorce and some ideas to help overcome them. Read More


Step 10: Moving on After a Divorce

From job prospects and career changes to concluding any legal concerns and looking after mental health, this section outlines a number of key considerations when it comes to moving on following a divorce. Read More

Download Complete Guide PDF