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Cordell & Cordell’s solicitors possess a great deal of knowledge and experience in the complex field of family law. Letting our clients benefit from this knowledge is one of our main priorities.

Over the years, we have produced a wealth of resources including articles with family law advice, divorce facts and statistics, a handy UK divorce calculator, a step-by-step overview of the divorce process and more.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce

In our latest all-encompassing guide, Cordell & Cordell explain the various stages of divorce in an accessible step-by-step format to support those looking to end their marriage.

Divorce Glossary

The Cordell & Cordell glossary defines common family law terms frequently used during divorce proceedings. This glossary will help you understand the legal terminology relevant to divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, property division, and more.

Child Maintenance Calculator


If you’re trying to find out how much child maintenance you or your ex-partner can expect to pay, then look no further. Cordell & Cordell’s child maintenance calculator will help to give you an estimated cost.

A History of Men’s Divorce

Over the years, divorce law in the UK has evolved into the legislation we are familiar with today.

Take a look at the origins of divorce and how it has changed for men over time.



Divorce Advice for Men and the UK Divorce Process

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