The practice of Wardship and Child Abduction is a niche practice area of family law. It is so because the fear of the unknown of what happens during the process of parental child abduction and the speed with which an application must be made to the High Court to deal with the issue is often too much for even some solicitors to handle.

We at Cordell & Cordell have a different view on this issue. We consider that the “unknown” is simply a part of the wider spectrum of the known. It just has to be found.

Our solicitors work to make sure that we make applications to the court without any delay, working around the clock if necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


Wardship proceedings, although increasingly less common these days, are still important applications that can be made to protect the welfare of children.

When a child is made a ward of the court, the court will take over the ultimate parental responsibility for the child and exert control over the important decisions in a child’s life.

That means that the court can make any order it deems necessary to protect and promote the interests of a child even where the parents of the child disagree with that decision.

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