Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Following centuries of refusal by judges to consider the importance of pre-nuptial agreements, the UK entered into legal revolution following a test case before the Supreme Court in 2011 in which the UK’s Supreme Court gave effect to a pre-nuptial agreement.

Following on from this, a pre-nuptial agreement, which sets down a couple’s divorce settlement before their wedding, will have full legal status in England. These agreements mean that brides and grooms will know which assets they can ring fence and who will keep certain properties or bank accounts in the event that their marriage irretrievably breaks down.

With a pre-nuptial agreement, couples are able to pre-determine a financial settlement providing help with financial planning.

The Supreme Court held that only manifestly would the courts overturn unfair contracts.

It is extremely important to ensure you obtain accurate legal advice from our solicitors who are here to help and guide you through the process so your pre-nuptial agreement could not be considered manifestly unfair.