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Cordell & Cordell delivers knowledgeable representation for men to protect the welfare of children and deliver the fairest outcome in child custody or residency disputes.

For more than 25 years, clients have trusted Cordell & Cordell to proactively champion their interests and those of their children in family court.

Child Custody or Residency

When it comes to child custody or residency, Cordell & Cordell believes that the law is designed to protect the welfare of children above anything else and to avoid favouring one parent over another.

UK legislation suggests that the children of separated parents should have the love and contact of each of their parents, and Cordell & Cordell’s custody solicitors will aggressively champion fathers’ rights in family court.

As long as an individual has parental responsibility, there should be an opportunity for that person to participate in key decisions regarding the life of their child.

A Partner Men Can Count On

With the determination and dedication to help men keep their rights and succeed in family court, Cordell & Cordell is the partner men can count on.

With over 250 solicitors and attorneys practising around the world, Cordell & Cordell has made it its mission to advocate for fathers throughout the child custody or residency process, with the child’s best interests at the very heart of all its practice.

Child Custody: Calculating Maintenance

If you are trying to establish how much child maintenance you or your ex-partner can expect to pay, Cordell & Cordell’s child maintenance calculator will help to give you an estimated cost.

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