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Divorce Finances

Divorce finances are a highly complex and challenging subject for couples to tackle, especially when it comes to financial settlements during a divorce.

With Cordell & Cordell, you will be given sound guidance on divorce finances and assistance throughout the entire process.

At Cordell & Cordell, we are aware and appreciate that our clients want to be kept up to date and in full control of their finances.

Finances play a pivotal role in people’s lives and we understand when it comes to splitting finances during a divorce, they are not to be seen simply as a negotiating tool.

Divorce and Money: Skilled Guidance

When it comes to divorce finances, our clients usually have many questions; Cordell & Cordell delivers skilled guidance to help alleviate any concerns.

From queries regarding the matrimonial home and the division of other assets to uncertainties around child maintenance payments and how these are calculated, splitting finances in divorce is a highly complex subject with many areas to discuss and negotiate. Cordell & Cordell prides itself on offering experienced representation in all areas of divorce, including finances, and will work with you to discuss your various options throughout the entire divorce process.

Child Maintenance

One of the key areas to discuss throughout a divorce is child maintenance. This is something that our dedicated solicitors will consider with you, but the tool below might help to offer some guidance on child maintenance and what you could expect to pay.

Whether you are trying to establish how much child maintenance you or your ex-partner might pay, Cordell & Cordell’s child maintenance calculator can help to give you an estimated cost.

Skilled Representation You Can Rely on

Cordell & Cordell is determined and dedicated to delivering fair legal representation to men and helping men keep their rights and succeed in family court.

With a mission to challenge and fight for fathers throughout the child custody or residency process, Cordell & Cordell’s 250 solicitors and attorneys practise globally to assist men to succeed in family court.

Finances bring a whole host of challenges to divorce proceedings, but Cordell & Cordell will help every step of the way.

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