Dad And Son Playing With Toy CarsCordell & Cordell divorce solicitor Stephanie Kelly recently contributed an article to the website WorkingDads detailing the aspects of child maintenance that have been affected by the recent coronavirus lockdowns in the United Kingdom.

The lockdown restrictions put in place because of the pandemic has caused chaos for many working dads who are struggling to balance work and family obligations.

Ms. Kelly explains the impact lockdowns are having on family arrangements, whether fathers still have to pay child maintenance during the pandemic and whether or not that changes if they have suffered a job loss, and more.

“The pandemic has not changed the law in relation to child maintenance and all parents have responsibility to financially support their children,” Ms. Kelly writes. “When a family separates, it is the parent who leaves the family home (normally the Dad) and who doesn’t live with the child who has to pay child maintenance. This is a regular payment towards everyday living costs associated with raising the child and maintaining their security.”

Cordell & Cordell divorce solicitors can assist you with any family law issues you may be facing during the pandemic. You can also find many resources devoted to the subject of child maintenance, such as our child maintenance calculator, on the Resources section of our website.