Making the decision to opt for a divorce is not an easy one and is an upsetting and unsettling time for all involved.

It can be an incredibly daunting time when you’re getting to know the entire divorce process, especially as emotions are running high and there is so much to think about.

The Divorce Process: Supporting You Throughout

The divorce process itself is split into four key stages:

  • Applying for a divorce
  • Serving the divorce petition on your ex
  • Being granted a decree nisi by the court
  • Obtaining your decree absolute

Each stage in the divorce process outlined above brings a whole host of different requirements, legislation and information, which can be deeply daunting and overwhelming at a time when you are likely to be feeling particularly vulnerable.

From filling out the required application forms to paying the relevant fees, there is a host of information to absorb and need-to-knows to help you through the entire divorce process.

Our easy-to-digest infographic takes a thorough look at the divorce process, explaining each and every step with bite-sized information that will be helpful at this time.

The Divorce Process: Step by Step

To offer a helping hand and guide you through this complex time, we have created The Divorce Process infographic.

This easy-to-follow piece will take you through the entire divorce process from start to finish to offer you a clearer understanding of what is involved.

From timescales to applications and legislation, our step-by-step guide has you completely covered.

The Next Steps in the Divorce Process

Once the divorce process has been completed, a number of important tasks need to be carried out that could easily be forgotten. Among these are informing mortgage lenders or landlords about your change in circumstances and informing your child’s school that the divorce is complete.

Our step-by-step divorce process infographic also delves into the numerous post-divorce next steps to help make the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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