The festive season is fast-approaching, with many looking ahead to the start of 2018, with the annual chance to reflect on the previous year and a fresh, aspirational start with a clean slate.

However, alongside the seasonal celebrations comes the underlying reality that, when it comes to marriage, more people initiate divorce proceedings in the new year than at any other time.

Perhaps this trend is due to people having a chance to reflect or an opportunity to put changes in place for the new year. Regardless of the reason, if you are considering initiating divorce at the start of 2018 and are looking for advice from men’s divorce lawyers, Cordell & Cordell’s solicitors have gathered their top tips and advice for you to consider.

Following the below practical steps will ensure that you are best prepared to begin proceedings in the most well-informed position.


External pressures undeniably impact a marriage, from financial strain to health-related concerns, not to mention countless smaller issues that can take their toll.

Seeking assistance through counselling together or individually could assist you in salvaging your marriage before you take the final decision to start divorce proceedings.

Counselling could also take the form of listening to the advice of a trusted family member or friend. Impartial advice may offer the assistance you need to ensure that you are making the right decision.


As much of a challenging conversation as it will be, informing your spouse about your decision and rationale is of paramount importance.

It could be that you have both come to the decision to divorce together. However, if that is not the case, you will need to tell your partner at the right time.

This conversation could be challenging and your partner could potentially be uncooperative. If you believe that could be the case or that your spouse may attempt to conceal financial assets, you could gather documentation before you decide to communicate your decision.

This paperwork could include details of your:

  • Mortgage or rent book
  • House deeds
  • Pension
  • Current and savings accounts.

Informing Children

There is no convenient time to break news like a divorce to children. Ultimately, it is the decision of you and your spouse whether you try and enjoy a final Christmas as a family unit, but each family is different and children are sensitive to underlying tension.

The impact and effect of your divorce on your children is an area that will cause concern. Whilst this is a natural thing to worry about, the following advice on divorce and children should help:

  • The initial stages will be tremendously difficult for children, but once an adjustment is established, the majority of them will continue to grow and move on past the initial upset.
  • An unhappy atmosphere and tension caused by you and your spouse will be removed, potentially helping your children, as they may have been affected by the strain before the divorce.
  • It is crucial for the children to hear that the divorce is not their fault, that both of their parents still love them and (in most cases) that they will still have contact with both parents.

Arranging Your Finances

Taking independent legal advice when it comes to organising your finances is of paramount importance, even if you feel your post-divorce arrangements could be determined amicably.

The Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB) will deliver advice and support regarding your finances, especially if you are concerned about not having enough money to live on following your divorce.

CAB can offer advice on your future employment prospects too, if your spouse is the main earner in your household.

Further Advice

The above points offer a snapshot of some of the immediate considerations if you are thinking of divorcing in the new year.

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