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Cordell & Cordell divorce solicitor Karim Assaad recently wrote a guest column for The Divorce Magazine about what divorcing fathers can do to ensure that their relationships with their children are not interrupted or disrupted by their ex-partner. 

The best thing a father can do to protect those relationships, Assaad explained, is to remain in the home, with his children, until a court order is in place that grants him the contact he desires once he leaves the home.

Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad
Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad

“This is essential in that once out of the home and away from the children, their contact with the children often becomes at the discretion of their spouse,” Assaad said. “This allows the parent who remains resident; and often that is the wife or female partner to be able to manipulate contact with the children to further or advance her own agenda.”

Long periods of limited contact often puts men at a disadvantage when they want to increase their presence in their children’s lives.

“Men put themselves and their presence in their children’s lives at risk every day they are without access to them in a manner they believe is appropriate.” Mr. Assaad said. “Time is of the essence as it can take weeks or months to get an order from the Court.”

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