The Divorce MagazineCordell & Cordell divorce solicitor Karim Assaad recently wrote a guest column for The Divorce Magazine explaining what fathers need to know about child maintenance in the United Kingdom. 

Child maintenance, which is also referred to as child support, is the amount of money you are responsible for contributing to your child’s upbringing and is paid to the person that takes care of the child on a daily basis.

Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad
Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad

“If equal child arrangements are granted … the non-resident parent is responsible for providing child maintenance for their child,” Mr. Assaad wrote. “This can be paid directly to your ex-partner or a third party living with the child or guardian.”

Mr. Assaad also explained how to arrange child maintenance outside of a demand by the child support agency, how to apply for child maintenance, how to calculate child maintenance, and the consequences of failing to make payments.

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