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Cordell & Cordell London divorce solicitor Haroop Ahluwalia recently contributed a guest article to the legal website Law Plain and Simple giving an overview of child maintenance and its cost after a divorce.

Child maintenance is an issue many divorced parents must sort through.

London Divorce Solicitor Haroop Ahluwalia

“When it comes to forward planning, particularly with finances, it can be difficult to be fully aware of all the implications of child maintenance and what they mean for you personally,” Mr. Ahluwalia wrote.

Mr. Ahluwalia’s post provided an explanation of what child maintenance is, what it’s designed to do, recent changes to child maintenance law, what it means for parents, and how child maintenance is calculated.

You can view Cordell & Cordell’s bespoke Child Maintenance Calculator here.

“With arrears at such a high amount and organizational changes taking place regarding the CSA and CMA, it is crucial for parents to be aware of what they can expect to pay in child maintenance and what implications the recent changes have for them,” Mr. Ahluwalia said.

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