Cordell & Cordell recently published an article in Well Being Magazine recommending strategies to utilize to help cope with divorce.

Divorce is an emotionally grueling life event and the process can take a tremendous toll on a man’s health and wellbeing. Cordell & Cordell’s recently launched Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce explores some of the most common wellbeing issues and offers tips on how to overcome them.

The Well Being Magazine article explains that depression, stress, and sleep problems are commonly associated with divorce. It notes that, “Going through a divorce is an ordeal, and it can pose numerous questions about the future. The unknown can be a big trigger for stress and can lead to many questions ranging from queries over living arrangements to finances and children; all of which can be a stress on b on the body and mind.”

Click here to read the full article. For more tips on how to manage your health and wellbeing, check out Cordell & Cordell’s Step-by-Step Guide to Divorce.