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Cordell & Cordell is delighted to offer comment in a recent Sunday Times article exploring a key issue relating to divorced men and the law.

Cordell & Cordell CEO Scott Trout was featured in this week’s Sunday Times (12th February) commenting on legislation relating to a case involving an increase in ongoing maintenance payments.

The article explores the story of Graham Mills, who has recently been ordered by the Court of Appeal to increase payments to his ex-spouse, whom he divorced 15 years ago.

Mills awarded his ex-spouse a £230,000 lump sum along with ongoing monthly payments of £1,100 at the time of their divorce 15 years ago. Following a lengthy legal battle with the Court of Appeal, the payments were ordered to be increased to £1,441 for the rest of Mills’ former partner’s life.

Mr. Trout commented in the article: “Men face significant challenges in divorce, not only fighting stereotypes on the bench as it relates to custody, but also financially when it comes to spousal support.

Many laws are without specific guidance as to how long men are required to support an ex-spouse, irrespective of the length of the marriage.

Such laws embrace a policy declaring that being married and a subsequent divorce is roughly akin to winning the lottery without the lifetime pay-out regardless of your financial or personal behaviour in the future.”

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The comment was featured in both the online and print versions.

A spokesperson from Cordell & Cordell said: “We’re delighted to be recognised as leading sources in key publications such as The Sunday Times. Comments such as this highlight not only Cordell & Cordell’s expertise but also our thorough knowledge of the law, particularly in cases such as that of Mr Mills.”

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