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Cordell & Cordell partner Barbara Johnson-Stern has been in the spotlight in a recent article showcasing how female lawyers are battling to fight for the fair legal representation of men.

Barbara Johnson-Stern is featured in the article, The Men-Only Divorce Club, as part of The Daily Mail’s Monday women’s supplement, ‘Inspire’.

The Feature

The article delves into the work of Cordell & Cordell and explores Barbara’s opinion on the lack of support for men when it comes to family law.

Barbara discusses the ‘unspoken rule’ when it comes to divorce, explaining that women often have a sense of ‘entitlement’ and assume they will continue to enjoy their family house, custody of children and pre-divorce standard of living following a divorce.

Barbara - Cordell Cordell Employee

“Women are seen as the biggest losers in divorce, but that’s an outdated view – it’s almost the opposite now,” says Barbara.

Barbara believes that the trauma suffered by men in divorce is severely underestimated, but also that settlement is also often biased in the favour of women.

Barbara and the Cordell & Cordell team are delighted to be approached by The Daily Mail for this piece, and feel it is a major opportunity to highlight some important issues being faced by men regularly.

“I was delighted to be interviewed for the piece, and think it is hugely important to spread the message about what we are doing in terms of fighting for the fair legal representation of men both in the UK and in the US,” said Barbara.

The article also discusses a number of well-publicised family law cases, where men have encountered issues such as depression, child maintenance and moving out of the family home during divorce proceedings.

Barbara explained her motivation for the work she does at Cordell & Cordell:

“We want men to understand they have a voice and they have rights,” she says.

Less than 12 hours after the piece was published online, it had already received over 220 social shares, highlighting what an important and poignant subject the article explores.

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