logoResolution, an organisation of 6,500 family lawyers and other professions in England and Wales, who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters, recently interviewed Cordell & Cordell solicitor Karim Assaad for its August issue of The Review about Cordell & Cordell’s launch in the United Kingdom.

In the interview, Mr. Assaad explained why the firm targeted the UK for the launch of its first international office. 

Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad
Cordell & Cordell UK solicitor Karim Assaad

“We  believed that the UK was now ready for a specialist practice for men which would help them through some of the toughest ordeals of their lives,” Mr. Assaad said. “We at Cordell & Cordell really feel that the UK market has been screaming out for some time now for the services we provide to men and so there was no better time than now to enter the market.”

Mr. Assaad also addressed the firm’s hopes for future expansion, how the internet is changing divorce, and why Cordell & Cordell markets itself as a partner for men going through divorce, among other topics.

“Men simply feel that going into a divorce or other related legal process, they will lose the case or come out of the process unfavourably, be it in court proceedings or mediation or arbitration,” he said. “… The perception that the system is there to protect women … is a very difficult perception to overcome.”