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Legal Future Reports On Cordell & Cordell’s UK Expansion Anniversary

Legal Futures Legal Futures, a news site that reports on the evolving legal landscape, recently covered Cordell & Cordell’s one-year anniversary in the United Kingdom and detailed the firm’s plans for further expansion. [Read more…]

Splitting Assets In Divorce

Married Couple Facing Back To Back - Large

Dividing your assets following a divorce isn’t easy, but with our help you can make it less stressful.

We’ve compiled everything that you need to know about asset division during divorce and broken it down into steps.

Let’s take a look.
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How Divorce For Men Is Different

Signing Divorce Settlement & Wedding Ring - LargeDivorce legislation is evolving, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is the imbalance in the family court system. Of the UK’s two million lone parents with dependent children around 9% are men.

With 42% of marriages now ending in divorce, there’s a crucial need for a level playing field.

Let’s look at how divorce differs for men.
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