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Can Men Apply For Court Injunctions?

Divorce Proceedings - Judge's GavelIf you’re in the middle of a divorce, child custody battle or legal dispute with your ex-partner, a court injunction has the potential to prevent further distress.

Discover the different types of injunctions available and what to do if they are breached.
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Cordell & Cordell Solicitor Interviewed By Resolution

logoResolution, an organisation of 6,500 family lawyers and other professions in England and Wales, who believe in a constructive, non-confrontational approach to family law matters, recently interviewed Cordell & Cordell solicitor Karim Assaad for its August issue of The Review about Cordell & Cordell’s launch in the United Kingdom.

In the interview, Mr. Assaad explained why the firm targeted the UK for the launch of its first international office.  [Read more…]

Men’s Rights During Separation

Married Couple Facing Back To Back

Dealing with a separation is an extremely difficult subject no matter what your personal circumstances or living arrangements are.

There is no legal definition of living together, but it is generally accepted that two people are cohabiting when they choose to live together as a couple without being legally married.

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What Rights Do Fathers Have During Child Custody?

Dad And Son Smiling

Child custody arrangements can be extremely difficult to tackle when two people have gone through the ordeal of a divorce or separation.

The individual who will be granted responsibility for the care of a child is determined by child custody law in the UK. In most cases, child custody is granted to the mother, and the father has his contact rights and arrangements set out.

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