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London divorce solicitor Karen WeinerCordell & Cordell London divorce solicitor Karen Weiner chose a career practising family law because she wanted to work in an area of law that had human interaction rather than transactional work. She is a people person, and the opportunity to help guide people and families through such a challenging time was appealing.

For so many people, divorce is a confusing and scary undertaking. Many guys have no idea where to turn, and they worry that the wrong move could destroy everything they have worked so hard to build.

Ms. Weiner is not only an advocate for her clients, but a steadying influence during an otherwise tumultuous time.

“My job as your lawyer is to guide you through the process, explain the law and their options, the outcomes and likely risks for each option so that you have all the information you need to make decisions and take control of your situation,” Ms. Weiner said. “I am on your side.”

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Licenses & Admissions

Ms. Weiner is licensed to practise in the United Kingdom.


Ms. Weiner earned her LLB with honours from the University of Birmingham.

Professional Experience

Prior to joining Cordell & Cordell, Ms. Weiner practised family law.