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Signing divorce papers

Short Marriage Divorce Settlements

If you’re considering filing for divorce from your spouse but you’ve not been married very long, you might be wondering what short marriage divorce settlements can look like. Below, we’ve explained what is classed as a short marriage, what divorce settlements in these situations can look like, what clean break settlements are, plus considerations for

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Different Options When it Comes to Inheritance

What are the options when it comes to inheritance and divorce? Dividing assets can be a very stressful process for couples going through a divorce, especially when there may be inheritance to take into consideration too. We’ll use this blog post to talk you through what the options are when inheritance plays a part in

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Reasonable Access for Fathers Post Divorce

Father’s right to overnight access If you’ve recently split with your partner and you have children together, it’s important to know where you stand in terms of your father’s rights to see your child. This post will help to explain what your rights are as a father to have your child overnight, what a Child

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How Property is Divided in Separation

What are my rights to property after separation? If you’ve started the proceedings for a divorce or are separating from your spouse, the chances are you’ve built a home together during your relationship. It can be a tricky heart-wrenching process dividing up the assets that you’ve jointly owned over the period of your marriage, and

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special guardianship

Guide to Special Guardianship Orders

How to end a special guardianship order A special guardianship order (SGO) is where a child or children are placed under the primary and long-term care of someone who isn’t one of their biological parents. This might typically be grandparents, aunties, uncles or other members of the family, but it can also be anyone over

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Guide to Marriage Annulments

What constitutes a marriage annulment? If you want to know more about what a marriage annulment is, or perhaps you’re personally looking to annul a marriage, this blog post aims to give you an overview of precisely what it is, how it differs to divorce and how you might go about annulling a marriage. For

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The Stages of Grief During Divorce

The different stages of grief when it comes to divorce Splitting from your spouse, whether you’ve been married for 2 or 20 years is undeniably a stressful process. There are lots of changes to consider, such as where you’ll both live, where the children may live if you have any and how it may affect

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Paying Child Maintenance If You Are Self-Employed

With approximately 2.9 million single parents residing in the UK in 2019, child maintenance is more important than ever, acting as a necessary income in order to help single mothers and fathers look after their children. In 2019, national data[1] shows that in 561,300 cases of those due to pay child maintenance, on average,

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What Rights Do Unmarried Fathers Have in the UK?

Many unmarried fathers can, understandably, become confused or frustrated when it comes to the rights they have in relation to their children and family conflicts. This is often because the law is clearer in people’s minds when it comes to fathers in marriages than it is in relation to unmarried fathers. What rights do unmarried

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