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Celebrity Children of Divorce Reveal How Parents’ Break-Up Affected Them

celebrity children of divorceDivorce is, unfortunately, a common reality for many families. Today, celebrities are acknowledging the degree to which their parents’ divorce affected them. [Read more…]

Parenting Experts: How You Can Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

children coping with divorceAs part of our campaign “Helping Kids Cope with Divorce,” Cordell & Cordell interviewed three prominent parenting experts about their advice to divorcing parents. We asked:

  • What is the best way to break the news to your children?
  • What can you do to proactively alleviate your kids’ worries about your separation?
  • How can you protect them from suffering lasting emotional and psychological damage?

[Read more…]

Adult Children of Divorce Give Insights to Divorcing Parents

adult children of divorceIf you and your partner are getting a divorce with kids under your care, you’ll want to make sure they come out at the other end as unscathed as possible. In order to understand how divorce affects children on an emotional and psychological level, Cordell & Cordell interviewed adult children of divorce about their childhood experiences. To protect their privacy, these stories have been anonymised. [Read more…]

How to Prepare for Your First Divorce Consultation

divorce consultation The decision to file for divorce is generally not taken lightly. It comes with an emotional journey of realising that something feels wrong, trying to work on it, then coming to terms with the fact the relationship is coming to an end, followed by several stages of grief. [Read more…]

Prenuptial Agreements: The Most Commonly Asked Questions Answered

Nowadays, many couples who are planning to get married sign a prenuptial agreement in order to establish and formalise the division of property and support in case of divorce or the death of one of the partners. Prenuptials, colloquially referred to as “pre-nups”, aim to protect both parties’ interests by protecting personal and/or business assets and managing the expectations of everyone involved. [Read more…]