The divorce process is not easy. It is frustrating, and at times you will feel like giving in so that you can just get it over with. Other times, you will be so angry that you will want to take as much as you can from the opposing party.

Stephanie L. Kelly said it’s her job as a divorce solicitor to keep a level head throughout the process for the sake of her clients.

“My goal is to always be honest with you about when you are being unreasonable, when you are being too generous, and the entire spectrum of scenarios that you may expect,” Ms. Kelly said. “Being informed is being empowered.”

Ms. Kelly found family law appealing after participating in a Guardian ad Litem program that opened her eyes to the need children have for representation in the court system and the profound effect that the court system can have on their lives.

“I genuinely want to help make the experience of ending a marriage as painless as possible for my clients, especially when children are involved,” Ms. Kelly said. “Of course, if I feel that my client is being treated unjustly, I will fight to make sure that justice is served.”

Professional Experience

After receiving her law degree, Ms. Kelly practiced family law for two years at a firm in North Carolina, USA, before joining Cordell & Cordell’s North Carolina office. Ms. Kelly is board certified by the State Bar of North Carolina as a specialist in family law.

Following her work with Cordell & Cordell in the United States, Ms. Kelly qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales, and joined Cordell & Cordell’s London office as Regional Managing Solicitor.


Ms. Kelly attended university and graduated with a joint degree in History and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the United States’ top public universities. Following university, Ms. Kelly worked for the Guardian ad Litem program, a program that advocates for abused and neglected children in the court proceedings. Ms. Kelly thereafter attended law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, focusing her training on family law.


In 2017, Ms. Kelly received board certification in the area of family law from the North Carolina State Bar, a designation earned by just 3.7 percent of eligible members – approximately 1,000 lawyers.

Board Certified


​"Stephanie and the team were absolutely phenomenal. They were both professional yet personable. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am so appreciative of their support going through this divorce."