In the press and media, we regularly see extensive coverage of cases affecting families. High-profile divorces, celebrity child custody cases and financial settlements are reported on emotively and often form the subject of lengthy news stories.

Although family courts in the UK have generally been open to the media since 2009, the chances of low-profile couples being covered in the media are slim. Even when journalists do show up to your family court case, the facts they are allowed to report on are limited. Contact us for more information about this subject.

Our Resources

Cordell & Cordell has produced an extensive list of resources around the subject of family law: advice for receiving the right support throughout the divorce process, divorce facts and statistics, a UK divorce calculator for child maintenance, a timeline of significant men’s divorce cases throughout history and much more. We like our clients to come to their hearings feeling as prepared as possible and are dedicated to facilitating this.

Press Representatives

Media outlets frequently call upon the solicitors of Cordell & Cordell, who are established as compelling advocates and articulate communicators in the field of divorce. Whether you have queries about a public case we’re working on or are seeking an comment on news and events in the field of family law, our divorce lawyers are happy to share their opinions.

To get a comment from one of our representatives or to request an interview, please contact our Marketing department.

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Cordell & Cordell is one of the world’s largest family law firms serving men. With more than 100 offices in the USA and new offices opening in the UK, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights in domestic cases and divorce.

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