Cordell & Cordell UK Ltd. strives to establish an employment framework that encourages and facilitates staff in the fulfillment of their full potential. We are committed to providing a supportive, well balanced, and rewarding place for staff to pursue their careers and gain the necessary training to further their talent.

We are a firm that encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity, which applies across the board of our practice, both in the representation of our clients to the policies we instill when considering who to employ and who to promote within the firm. Our firm is comprised of both male and female staff of varying ages, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds.

The social economic background makeup of the staff is varied with some having attended state schools and some having attended independent/fee paying schools. Some staff have been to university.

Cordell & Cordell UK Ltd. does not in any way promote the representation of men to the exclusion of representing women. Our firm respects and promotes diversity and gladly accepts and represents both male and female clients.

A copy of the workforce diversity data is available upon request.